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Quote and reply to messages on Discord!

Quote is a Discord bot that allows users to easily quote messages, a feature that any serious messaging platform should have but is missing from Discord.

Here is how it looks



  • You can quote messages by reacting with 💬 (:speech_balloon:) to them (this feature needs to be enable first by using the >reactions command).

  • You can quote messages from any channel by using the >quote command, like this: >quote 507103646995972096 My Optional Reply, where the number is the ID of the message you want to quote.

  • To get message IDs you need to enable Developer Mode in Discord >settings >Appearance >Developer Mode, and right click on a message >Copy ID.

  • Developer Mode

  • Copy ID

  • You can now quote by directly sending a link to a message, Quote will automatically embed the linked message.

  • To obtain the link to a message enable Developer Mode as described above and click on the three dots to the right of a message, there will be a Copy Link option.

  • Copy Link

  • The footer contains useful information on the requester, channel of the original message and timestamp of the original message.

  • The Original Poster name in the quote is actually a clickable link to the original message.

  • The bot supports quoting of regular messages sent either by users or other bots, but also supports quoting messages containing single or multiple files attachments.

  • If the original message has a single image as an attachment Quote will automatically embed it.

Delete Commands

  • You can set the bot to automatically delete the commands used to quote messages. Type >delcommandsto activate the option server wide.


  • You can define a pin channel by running the command >pinchannel #myChannel, and have the bot embed there any message to which you add a 📌 (:pushpin:) reaction to. (Only users with Manage Messages permission can use this to avoid spam.)


  • Never seen an unread message notification in a channel to then find nothing there? Quote will allow users with Manage Messages permission to check the last deleted message in a channel.
  • Use the command >snipe to show last deleted message in the current channel.
  • Add a channel identifier >snipe #myChannel to see last deleted message in #myChannel.

Custom Prefix

  • Don't like > as your server's prefix? You can change it by using >prefix <your custom prefix> eg: >prefix !.


  • The bot comes with a >help function that shows the list of all available commands.
  • You can type >help <exampleCommand> to see more information about each command.

Anti-Bot Farm

  • Quote will leave any server with more than 20 members that has more than 70% of the population composed of Bots.


  • If you'd like to selfhost Quote, you are more than welcome to by following a guide corresponding to your operating system.

Linux Guide

Windows Guide

New Features

  • Interested in what the new features are/will be? Head over to our Trello under In Progress, Needs Testing and Planned lists.


  • Have a suggestion? Join our Support Server and head over to #suggestions. Follow the template to submit your own suggestion.